About Us

Established in 2017, the LA Chess Social was a small gathering with roots in the Pasadena City College Chess Club, Cal State LA Chess Club and the Cal Tech Chess Club. Since then, our club has made a name for itself, having grown dramatically in attendance and professionalism. The LA Chess Social has carved out a niche in the American chess scene, providing a space for chess players to practice, meet people with similar interests, and to enjoy curated local live music. We are proud to have over a hundred events under our belt, partnerships with over twenty venues and dozens of bands/musicians working with us. 

Our high production events are all unique with a high emphasis placed on variety. While most of our attendees drop in to play casual games with others, many also come for our monthly tournaments, chess challenges, unique live music experiences, special event themes, and raffles. With an average of ninety attendees weekly, the Chess Social has become a quintessential community event in Los Angeles. 

Thank you for helping us achieve our mission of promoting casual and competitive chess play in Southern California!

President and Founder Karl Grant

Since the beginning of the Chess Social in 2017, Grant has spent hundreds of hours carefully coordinating each event over five and a half years. Grant has demonstrated both dedication and resolve in his efforts of promoting chess in Southern California. 

When he isn't working for the Chess Social, you can find Grant buried in his Philosophy and Gender Studies research. Additionally, he has a passion for sailing, the outdoors, and Ultimate Frisbee.


For the past eight years, Jeremy has organized hundreds of chess events across Southern California. In 2022, Jeremy joined the Los Angeles Chess Social and has since co-hosted every monthly social for the past two years. 

Before joining the LA Chess Social, Jeremy was President of Chess Club at UCR and has trained dozens of chess leaders as an organizational advisor. In addition to his academic studies at UC Riverside, Jeremy also played a formidable role in the development of the California Intercollegiate Chess League, a precursor to the Collegiate Chess League. He is presently an educational consultant for the Day & Knight Chess Club and a chess instructor through the South Pasadena Educational Foundation (SPEF).

The Board

Cris Cruz

Board Member

Kris Thomas

Board Member

John Rygg

Board Member

Bryan Rivera

Tournament Coordinator

Marketing Director

Could be you!

Julissa Lopez

Art & Media Director

Andrei R

Art & Design Director

Partner Outreach

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Esteemed Members

Dave Matson

Russ Balcom

Marina Kha

AJ Sririvastava

John Koch

Jeana Pecha

The Professor

Dan Tran

Steve Rapacourt

Dan Langlois

Joe Griffin

Marco Hernandez

Eddie Michael