Important Club News

As many of you may know, the Chess Social met weekly for several years before Covid-19 hit. As we are in a (nearly) post-pandemic situation, the board has decided that we are going to add additional events per month.

There will be, starting in April, one full production Chess Social (meeting on weekends), and 2-3 weekly "Chess Mixrs". These smaller weekly events will be held on Thursdays at a recurring venue, and cost $5. Some of these events will have qualifying tournaments in which the winners will be eligible to compete in a special section at the Yearly Championship Tournament. 

Additionally, the membership system is being re-done to make it more clear. Further news on this to be released soon.

Congratulations to Our Kings of the Hill

On November 26th, our tournament winners were Allen and Thibault Courqueux! Allen reigned the longest with seven consecutive victories, which was brought to an end by newcomer Thibault's offensive. Thank you to everyone who participated!

King of the Hill Tournament 

On November 26th

We will be holding a King of the Hill Tournament at our chess social! Please arrive before 8:30 to register with Coordinator Bryan Rivera. Registration fee is $10 (which will be entirely used for the cash prizes!

Jobs and internships

We are currently seeking to fill the following positions:

-Marketing Manager

-Charity/Community Outreach Manager

-Special Event Coordinator

-Security Officer

Please reach out to us at for inquiries or to learn more about the positions!